David Fishlock

Index Cards

Index Cards take a unique approach to task and notes management, replicating the feel of real stacks of physical Avery cards. The application also enables printing of the digital cards to Avery media stock for real-world applications like speech writing or recipe organization.

This application was written using the Universal Windows Platform and the data managed with SQLLite and Entity Framework.

Index Cards screenshot

Facebook (Windows 10 Mobile)

This project brought Facebook's massively popular social media platform to Windows 10 Mobile.

The application makes use of a unique feature of the new Windows 10 platform called continuum to adapt to a desktop scale experience when the mobile device is connected to an external display.

Facebook for Windows Phone screenshot

Sigray X-ray Controller

The Sigray3D app acts as a remote controller for the company's 3D X-ray microscopy hardware.

This application was written using the Universal Windows Platform and utilizes native image processing libraries for maximum performance and liive streaming of image data from the hardware.

Sigray screenshot

MixRadio for Windows 10 Mobile

MixRadio for Windows Phone allows users to listen to free music with no sign up required. There are 100s of hours of curated mixes to choose from, and mixes can be created from personal musical tastes and favourite artists.

The user interface is localised into over 50 languages, and is one of the first on the platform to include full support for Right-To-Left languages such as Arabic and Hebrew.

MixRadio for Windows Phone screenshot

Reefdoctor Species ID Training

Reefdoctor is a marine conservation organisation based in Madagascar. During a 6 month volunteer placement there I created this application to facilitate faster training of the NGO's volunteers in the identification of marin species.

The application is built using WPF and contains a database of 4000+ reference images and can dynamically generate exercises to train volunteers in the identification of more than 200 species of Fish, Coral and Invertebrates.

Reefdoctor screenshot

GoTrust ID

GoTrust ID allows a user to sign in to Windows without the need for a password, using the biometric scanner on their Android or iOS device.

This application handles the setup of the authentication from the Windows PC and was delivered using the UWP platform.

GoTrust ID screenshot


Authink is a fun educational environment for children with autism to learn key skills either at home or in the classroom.

The application guides learning through a number of fun games and interactive tasks, and is delivered using the UWP framework.

Authink screenshot

MixRadio for Android

Built using the core from the Windows Phone application, this port uses Xamarin and Portable Class Libraries to allow for maximum code reuse and minimal development overhead.

The user interface is written natively to give the user an experience that is appropriate and familiar to the Android platform.

MixRadio for Android screenshot

Mouse Mailer

The Mouse Mailer game was built using Adobe Flash for the British Computing Society to promote their eCitizen project.

The viral campaign was loosely based on the Mouse Trap board game, featuring slick 3D graphics and an addictive puzzle mechanism to generate user engagement.

Mouse Mailer game logo

Flick n Kick

Flick 'n' Kick was developed to promote Principality Building Society's sponsorship of the Welsh Rugby Union league.

An international version (England v Wales) of the game was released, before a second version was comissioned featuring all of the teams from the Welsh Rugby League, with the players customised in the team strips and a national league table.

This game generated over £400,000 worth of local radio and newspaper coverage with the average user playing the game at least 3 times.

Flick n Kick game logo


The Elejumper game was used to promote the launch of the Election Alarm Clock website.

Customised versions of the game can be created for each local authority, featuring local election information and graphical landmarks.

Elejumper game logo